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Best Baby Food Maker | Reviews In Detail

Best Baby Food Maker | Reviews In Detail

Best Baby Food Maker
Best Baby Food Maker

OKAY– now you’re all schooled up on how to make your homemade baby food. The next step is to get ready.

Here’s the reality: there’s one standout “true” baby food maker that we like, however in truth, we believe that the best baby food maker takes on a variety of various shapes and sizes, depending. It might not even be an infant food maker!

Another fact: 

it is extremely little you require for baby-food-making (and some of it you most likely currently have around your home), but there are a couple of things that improve the process.

Best Baby Food Maker– jump ahead to

  • Accouterments.
  • Blender or Food Processor.
  • Storage Supplies.


  • A great knife, if you do not currently own one– we suggest the Victorinox Fibrox Pro|$39.
  • A spatula– any ol’ one will do! We like this OXO set of 3|$12.
  • A steamer basket– we like the basic OXO Good Grips Steamer|$19.

A Blender or Food Processor

This one is a must, folks.

For the most part, we suggest utilizing a “typical” product here (aka, not an “actual” baby food maker) since you will have the ability to utilize it longer than a few months, and you’ll have the ability to do more in any given batch.

However, some parents like to make smaller batches of homemade baby food and recover good use from an all-in-one baby food maker. If you choose to prep smaller portions and have a limited area, this could be a great choice.

Our recommendations are organized into three budget-oriented classifications and noted (roughly) in order of cost, from most affordable to highest:


A food mill and an immersion mixer are your extremely user-friendly, low crucial alternatives for your baby food maker. Both are fantastic if you don’t anticipate requiring a countertop mixer or food mill down the road. And you prefer smaller-serving prep. They’re also perfect for those with little additional storage area for cooking area appliances, plus they’re convenient for travel and for stowing away at a grandparent’s home:

OXO Tot Mash Maker Baby food Mill|$26-

That tiny contraption is a hand-held handbook food mill that works in a crank style. It’s good. However, we do not advise it is a primary gadget if you’re going “all in” on homemade baby food. Instead, we think it’s convenient for travel or if you prepare to make your baby food only regularly. It’s not going to offer you that super-silky puree that you’ll get from an electronic gadget. To provide an analogy, consider it as the manual breast pump of pureeing devices.

The Original Magic Bullet|$39.

That is what I utilized, and it’s decent, though rather picky. It is best to shake up the container occasionally to get “the blend,” and offered the size of the boxes, you can’t puree a heap at the same time– but it’s a budget-friendly choice that does the trick.

Braun MultiQuick Immersion Hand Blender|$59.

It’s an excellent and versatile choice. This 2-speed hand-held blender is incredibly simple to utilize and remarkably powerful. (Note– you do need to hold the power button down continually to operate.).

Strong Choices|$$.

Kitchenaid Mini Food Processor|$75.

This little sucker from among the most relied on brand names in food preparation has a five-cup capacity, plenty of power, and likewise isn’t too loud. , if you know you want a food processor– it’s an excellent choice.

  • Nutribullet Blender|$89.
  • It’s a fantastic, full-size countertop mixer.
  • Splurge-worthy|$$$.
  • Kitchenaid K150 Blender|$99.

The smooth and vintage-looking (though new) countertop mixer from the beloved Kitchenaid. (Is it merely me, or does the aesthetic remind anyone else of Mad Men?) It has three speeds, is easy to clean, and is a powerhouse of a machine.

Cuisinart Food Processor|$159.

It is easy to use, doesn’t leakage (this is a typical problem, I’ve found, with food processors– and it is primarily an issue when you’re mixing liquidy things) and trusted.

Beaba Babycook Baby Food Maker|$149-

I utilized the Ninja blender with my firstborn. However, I had a challenging time with parts (always made too much) and storage (had no freezer room to shop). With our second child, we chose the Beaba, and I felt like I had so much more control over how much food I was cooking. It made baby food preparation simple. With the Babycook, I could steam, cook & mix ingredients all in one place– in less than 15 minutes. I valued not having to move the food from one container to another to mix it.

Freezer Trays-

” Regular” Ice Cube Trays|$12-

I utilized plain, unadorned ice cube trays for cooking baby food, and it’s what I’d recommend. (No requirement to get expensive with it.) This 4-pack of ice trays has flexible silicone bottoms (to pop cubes free– don’t do “the twist”) and a plastic top, in addition to (moderately) sealable lids. Trays are BPA complimentary and dishwasher safe, and they come with excellent client service.

Tovolo Right Ice Mold Freezer Trays|$18.

This set has two silicone trays, each of which consists of 15 true-to-form square cubes. These provide the option of a tiny increased portion if you want that—dishwasher safe. And you can utilize it for extra-fancy mixed drink ice cubes in the future.

Mumi & Bubi Freezer Trays with Lids|$35.

These are long-time moms and dad favorites– a set of two trays with 21 rounded “cube” inserts each (one cube will hold 1 oz. of food). Some moms and dads love the circular style for making it simple to remove food one cube at a time, while others complain that it’s inconvenient considering that you can’t “crack” the tray to eliminate all the cubes in one fell swoop. It’s a good product (and is dishwashing machine safe), and we recommend it, though it’s on the more expensive side. It has access to an ebook with some two dozen+ dishes to help you get started.

Private Serving Storage Containers:

OXO Tot Baby Blocks Food Storage Set|$9.

This tray comes with six specific capped containers, which are best for saving purees in the fridge or defrosting clear cubes of frozen food. * OXO advertises these as freezer safe, but we do not recommend utilizing them for freezer storage because individuals appear to have a big issue with the containers shattering after being frozen. Best to stick to the refrigerator. Reward: you can use these down the roadway for packing treats and lunch boxes (it appears so far away, I understand. However, it will take place earlier than you believe.).

WeeSprout Storage Containers|$19.

This 12-pack of 4 oz. Jars with screw-on covers are perfect for saving purees in the refrigerator and, much like the OXO Tot set, will last you well into the future, doubling as a snack container. We still utilize these all the time for yogurt, nuts, berries, etc. You can also go with the glass variation of the very same item (| $29). * If we needed to pick, these WeeSprout containers are our favorite.

On pouches– because now you can purchase recyclable bags for homemade purees: Experts have raised some issues about the overreliance on baby food pouches nowadays. We believe they make some pretty darn excellent points. The standard idea is that if you utilize bags excessively, babies miss out on a lot– the procedure of discovering to consume helps construct extraordinary motor abilities, expands sensory advancement, and lets them experience dining culture.

The oral mechanics of eating from utensils, chewing (well, gumming), and swallowing is different from drawing a puree from a pouch. (As one specialist stated, “consuming” from a bag is more like drinking than eating.).

Now– that’s not to state you can never utilize pouches. Of course, you can. (They can be a lifesaver when you’re traveling, for example.) We recommend using them carefully– and making sure that your baby learns to eat from a spoon first.

A baby food maker can reduce your bad Cholesterol from your baby health. You can easily use this product for your baby.

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